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2021 Q4 - Product Update Log

2021 Q4 - Product Update Log

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Update: 3rd Dec 2021

  1. Listed new tarantulas:
    Nhandu carapoensis (Brazilian red tarantula)
    Bumba horrida (Brazilian redhead tarantula) (ex. Bumba cabocla)
    Ornithoctonus sp. "Ho Chi Minh" (Vietnamese gold earth tiger tarantula)

Update: 8th Nov 2021

  1. Listed new tarantula:
    Lasiodora difficilis (Brazilian fire red birdeater tarantula)
    Nhandu carapoensis (Brazilian red tarantula)

Update: 1st Nov 2021

  1. Listed new tarantula:
    Acanthoscurria chacoana (Bolivian redrump tarantula) (Bolivian pink tarantula)

Update: 22nd Oct 2021

  1. Listed new tarantula:
    Phormictopus sp Dominican purple (Dominican Violet tarantula) (ex Phormictopus cautus) (Cuban purple tarantula) (Caribbean Purple tarantula)

Update: 14th Oct 2021

  1. Listed new scorpions:
    Tityus trivittatus (Brazilian red house scorpion)
    Tityus carrilloi (Argentina striped scorpion) (ex. Tityus trivittatus)
    Tityus serrulatus (Brazilian yellow scorpion)
    Centruroides sculpturatus (Arizona bark scorpion) (Centruroides exilicauda)
  2. Update LD50 info

Update: 6th Oct 2021

  1. Listed new spiders:
    Phidippus apacheanus (Apache jumping spider)
    Heteropoda lunula (Purple huntsman spider)
    Phidippus adumbratus (Shadow jumping spider)

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