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2022 Q1 - Product Update Log

2022 Q1 - Product Update Log

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Update: 3rd Mar 2022

  1. Listed new spider(s):
    Thiania bhamoensis (Metallic blue jumping spider) (Metallic blue fighting spider)
    Thiania suboppressa (Orange jumping spider) (Orange fighting spider)
    Plexippus setipes (Stripes jumping spider)

Update: 13th Feb 2022

  1. Listed new tarantula(s):
    Cyriocosmus elegans (Trinidad dwarf tiger tarantula)
    Pamphobeteus fortis (Colombian giant copperhead tarantula) (Colombian giant brown tarantula)
    Pamphobeteus sp. machala (Colombian purple bloom tarantula)
    Pamphobeteus nigricolor (Colombian giant blue bloom tarantula) (Common blue bloom tarantula)
    Pamphobeteus sp. "mascara" (Ecuadorian mascara bird-eater tarantula)
  2. Listed new spider(s):
    Diplura sp. 'Peru' (Peruvian curtain-web spider)
    Linothele fallax (Funnel-web tiger spider)

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