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Lychas scutilus (Singapore bark scorpion)

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#CTTO GSS & Melvyn Yeo

The species Lychas scutilus lives in parts of the wet tropical zone of Southeast Asia. It occurs in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. This species of scorpion is arboreal and lives under tree bark or on trees.

Lychas scutilus is one of the medium sized species of scorpions. The females will reach between 4 to 6,5 cm in bodysize, whereas the males, due to their greatly elongated metasoma, will reach 6 to 8,5 cm. The species is colored in a gray orange. The last segements of the metasoma including the telson and the chelae are colored in a reddish brown. In addition, the pedipalps and the legs are slightly marbleized.

Lychas scutilus is a calm and much inaggressive species of scorpion. The specimen will flee when disturbed, but when kept one should have its high capability for speed in mind. According to certain breeders they can be kept in groups, since the potential for cannibalism within a group is low. The animals will share hideouts and live together in large groups. Juveniles make an exception since they are prone to cannibalism, especially during molts.  


Scorpions usually sell by instar, a developmental stage between each moult.

However for pricing convenience, this is a personal GENERAL guideline.

  1. Scorpling: i2 to i3
  2. Juvenile: i3 to i4
  3. Sub-adult: i4 to i5
  4. Adult: i5 and above


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