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Xenesthis immanis (Colombian lesserblack tarantula)

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Size Range

Sling (~2cm)
Juvenile (2cm~7cm)
Sub-adult (7cm~14cm)
Adult (14cm~)


#CTTO My Monster & Fear Not Tarantula

Xenesthis immanis (Ausserer/1875), also known as the “Colombian Lesserblack”, is a very stunning bird spider due to its size and coloration from Bogota, Colombia, clothed with deep olive-black woolly hairs on mature species. Especially mature males are shining stars with their bright and colorful appearance.

It is a relatively large spider with a body length reaching 6–7 cm and a length width reaching 19-22 cm. It frequently displays a commensal or mutualistic relationship with the microhylid frog Chiasmocleis ventrimaculata. The relationship described is one where the spider may protect the frog and its eggs from predators while the frog protects the spider's eggs from ants. It has also been observed closely associating with Hamptophryne boliviana, another microhylid.

As in Megaphobema spp. and Pamphobeteus spp. spiders from genus Xenesthis lack stridulating organs at the base of the pedipalps and the first leg. People easily confuse Xenesthis spp. with Pamphobeteus spp, due to the fact they appear to be the same by the typical purplish-red patches behind the eyes on the carapace. Nevertheless both genera are easily distinguished by the scopula pads on leg 4. All Xenesthis spp. show a larger scopula pad on the inner side of the fourth leg’s femur. 


In Tarantula life cycle, there is only eggs, spider-ling and adult.

However for pricing convenience, this is a personal rule of thumb, obviously this varies on the species of tarantula.
1. Sling (1cm~2cm)
2. Juvenile (2cm~7cm)
3. Sub adult (7cm~10cm)
4. Adult (10cm~12cm+)

It varies on species as some adults may only reach a few centrimeters while others may get (20cm~25cm+)


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