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Weygoldtia hainanensis (Chinese tailless whip scorpion) (Chinese whip spider)(Amblypygid)

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The name "amblypygid" means "blunt tail", a reference to a lack of the flagellum that is otherwise seen in whip scorpions. 

Amblypygids are harmless to humans. They possess no silk glands or venomous fangs. They rarely bite if threatened, but can grab fingers with their pedipalps, resulting in thorn-like puncture injuries. 

Weygoldtia is a genus of amblypygids of the family Charinidae, described in 2018 by Gustavo Silva de Miranda, Alessandro P.L. Giupponi, Lorenzo Prendini and Nikolaj Scharff. The genus is named after the German arachnologist Peter Weygoldt, in recognition of his contributions to the study of Amblypygi.

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