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Eresus sp (Ladybug / Velvet spider) (sus. Eresus kollari)

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Genus Eresus are now divided into 3 species, E. kollari, E. sandaliatus and E. moravicus. The three species differ in size, colour pattern, shape of prosoma and copulatory organs, and habitat, with no morphologically intermediate forms.
Eresus Kollari (PIC02)
most common among the 3 species, originate from Spain, Portugal to Novosibirsk in Russia.
Eresus moravicus (PIC03): 
occurs in the Pannonian region, the Balkan Peninsula and parts of the Austrian Alps.
Eresus sandaliatus (PIC04): 
occurs in northern Europe.

Eresus sp also commonly known as the ladybird spider is a small species spider with male only less than 1cm long and female about 1.5cm and black all over.The female ladybird spider can reach maturity after 4 to 5 years while the male can reach in 3 years. After mating the ladybird spider can lay about 80 eggs.


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