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Stackable Transparent Enclosure (9 type include Arboreal Tank Amphibian Paludarium) Plastic Box for Pets #ScorpoHunter

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Yes you can have any insect cage for pets, but things get messy as they grow in number.
This is a stack-able enclosure that enable you to own a more organised pet's room.



Color: Transparent by default

(Dark transparent will provided if out of colours)

Remark or PM us if any specific color in mind


Size : (L*W*H)


Mini (XS) = RM 2

Size: 6.5*6.5*4.5CM

Promo: BUY 100 FREE 100*

Small (S) = RM 5

Size: 19*12.5*7.5CM

Promo: BUY 36 FREE 6*

Medium (M) = RM 12 (FREE Water Dish*)

Size: 26*12.5*17.5CM

Promo: BUY 10 FREE 2*

Large (L) = RM 20 (FREE Water Dish*)

Size: 32*22*15CM

Promo: BUY 5 FREE 1*


Small Arboreal (ST) = RM 5 (FREE Moss*)

Size: 8*8*11CM

Promo: BUY 50 FREE 10*

Arboreal (T) =RM 20 (FREE Moss*)

Size: 20*20*25CM

Promo: BUY 6 FREE 1*


Small Amphibian (SA) = RM 10 (FREE Stage*)

Size: 19*12.5*7.5CM

Promo: BUY 24 FREE 10

Medium Amphibian (MA) = RM 20 (FREE Stage*)

Size: 27*19*12CM

Promo: BUY 10 FREE 2

Large Amphibian (LA) = RM 30 (FREE Stage*)

Size: 32*22*15CM

Promo: BUY 4 FREE 1

*Free Product are subject to stock availability and will not entertain for any replacement.


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  • Most of the enclosure will only process from factory after orders to ensure highest satisfactory and avoid storage damage. 
  • Promotion availability is based on first come first-served, while stocks last basis.
  • Scorpo Hunter reserves the right to change the terms & conditions without prior notice.


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