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1. Order Processing: Verification of payment and order preparation typically takes up to one week. Once the order is ready, we'll dispatch it the following week. Please inform us if you have a preferred courier service provider.

2. Delivery Duration: Shipments generally take 1 – 7 business days to reach your doorstep. However, in certain situations (e.g., adverse weather conditions, consecutive holidays, or peak sales seasons), we reserve the right to hold orders to ensure safe delivery.

3. Small Value Orders: Orders of lower value may require additional time for consolidation.

4. Tracking Information: Recipients will receive tracker updates via email, website order status, and SMS once the order is dispatched.

5. Shipping Fee Waiver: Contact our admin within 24 hours of the previous order placement to potentially waive the shipping fee for subsequent orders packed together. Multiple shipping attempts will incur separate charges.

6. Recipient Responsibility: Scorpo Hunter is not responsible for any loss or harm to pets due to recipient inaction. We strongly advise customers to be available for collection upon delivery to ensure the safety of the specimens.

7. Acknowledgment of Policies: Customers are deemed to have read and unconditionally agreed to our Refund Policy and Terms of Service upon making a purchase.


1. Free Boarding Service: Customers are entitled to up to 3 days of free boarding service for any purchased pet pending pickup.

2. Notification of Pickup Availability: Recipients will receive updates via WhatsApp and email once their order is ready for pickup.

3. Liability Disclaimer: Scorpo Hunter is not liable for any loss or harm to pets on board or dropped off during the boarding service.


1. Stock Availability: Online quantities may not reflect real-time stock counts. Customers will be notified during order verification if stock is insufficient, along with options for a waiting list, credit conversion, or similar product recommendations.

2. Not-For-Sale (NFS) Products: Customers acknowledge and agree to be placed on a waiting list for an uncertain duration when purchasing NFS products. Products labeled as "Display Only" are considered NFS items.


1. Non-Stackable Promotions: Promotions cannot be combined with each other. Membership discount perks grant an additional automatic discount during checkout.

2. Auctions: Auctions are considered a form of promotion.

3. Cashback Policy: Cashback is based on the final amount paid for specific products and will be credited to the user's account for future purchase deductions.


The Customer agrees not to circumvent, avoid, or bypass Scorpo Hunter, either directly or indirectly, and to act in the spirit of mutual trust and confidence in all business dealings.
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