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Acanthoscurria chacoana (Bolivian redrump tarantula) (Bolivian pink tarantula)

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Size Range

Sling (~2cm)
Juvenile (2cm~7cm)
Sub-adult (7cm~15cm)
Adult (15cm~)


Just like Acanthoscurria geniculata, Acanthoscurria chacoana gets bolder as it gets bigger, and they get really big at around 18cm (7.5 inches). A great display species because they are comfortable sitting out in the open and aren’t afraid to stand their ground, they are a great looking species too with the looks of other Red Rumps, but the light white patterns on the legs make great contrast with it’s dark legs, carapace and red fuzzy abdomen.

They don’t scare easily and annoying them is more like trying to start a fight with a thug, and it would sooner attack what’s bothering it than flick urticating hairs either. Also, be alert at all times, this species loves eating and sometimes pounces with hectic feeding responses at anything nearby and you definitely don’t want it’s 1.5cm long fangs finding your finger.

Acanthoscurria chacoana are known to like a little digging, so a bit of extra substrate wouldn’t be a bad idea, this doesn’t mean they are fossorial or burrowers as such but they do make use of a good burrow for shelter. Also, they’re really quite strong, in fact, one should make sure that your enclosure closes properly and even latches to prevent an escape. Just like Acanthoscurria geniculata, they are also a very rewarding new world species to own because they’re always out and about, they are voracious eaters and they grow relatively fast considering the size they reach.

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In Tarantula life cycle, there is only eggs, spider-ling and adult.

However for pricing convenience, this is a personal rule of thumb, obviously this varies on the species of tarantula.
1. Sling (1cm~2cm)
2. Juvenile (2cm~7cm)
3. Sub adult (7cm~10cm)
4. Adult (10cm~12cm+)

It varies on species as some adults may only reach a few centrimeters while others may get (20cm~25cm+)


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  • Dwarf / Tiny / Arboreal species are not entitled for LAG in sling and juvie stages.
  • Fragile species are not entitled for LAG in all stages. 
  • Female in all sizes are charged double of listed price, gender ID are based on best effort and Scorpo Hunter shall not be held liable for any different outcome upon sold out. 
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