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Diplura sp. 'Peru' (Peruvian dwarf curtain-web spider)

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Size Range

Sling (~0.2cm)
Juvenile (0.2cm~0.4cm)
Sub-adult (0.4cm~0.6cm)
Adult (1cm~)


#CTTO Andreas B

The family Dipluridae, known as curtain-web spiders (or confusingly with other distantly related ones as funnel-web tarantulas) are a group of spiders in the infraorder Mygalomorphae, that have two pairs of booklungs, and chelicerae (fangs) that move up and down in a stabbing motion.

Members of this family often build rather messy funnel-webs. Some build silk-lined burrows instead of webs (Diplura, Trechona, some Linothele sp.). They generally build their retreats in crevices in earthen banks, the bark of trees, under logs or in leaf litter.


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