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Leiurus hebraeus (Hebrew deathstalker scorpion) (ex. Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus)

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Size: ~7.5cm
LD50: 0.16 mg/kg

Leiurus hebraeus, the Hebrew deathstalker, is a species of scorpion from the family Buthidae. It is also known as the Israeli yellow scorpion. It was once considered as a subspecies of Leiurus quinquestriatus but recently it was elevated to the rank of a species. It is currently known from Israel, but it may live in other countries in the Middle East. Other species of the genus Leiurus are also often referred to as "deathstalkers".

The deathstalker is one of the most dangerous species of scorpions. Its venom is a powerful mixture of neurotoxins, with a low lethal dose. While a sting from this scorpion is extraordinarily painful, it normally would not kill a healthy adult human. However, young children, the elderly, or infirm (such as those with a heart condition and those who are allergic) are at much greater risk. 


Ref: http://www.science.marshall.edu/fet/euscorpius/p2014_191.pdf

L. quinquestriatus hebraeus (Birula, 1908) is elevated to species level as L. hebraeus (Birula, 1908) stat. n. 


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